swMATH ID: 4098
Software Authors: William H. Sanders
Description: Möbius™ is a software tool for modeling the behavior of complex systems. Although it was originally developed for studying the reliability, availability, and performance of computer and network systems, its use has expanded rapidly. It is now used for a broad range of discrete-event systems, from biochemical reactions within genes to the effects of malicious attackers on secure computer systems, in addition to the original applications. That broad range of use is possible because of the flexibility and power found in Möbius, which come from its support of multiple high-level modeling formalisms and multiple solution techniques. This flexibility allows engineers and scientists to represent their systems in modeling languages appropriate to their problem domains, and then accurately and efficiently solve the systems using the solution techniques best suited to the systems’ size and complexity. Time- and space-efficient discrete-event simulation and numerical solution, based on compact MDD-based Markov processes, are both supported.
Homepage: https://www.mobius.illinois.edu/
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Cited in: 19 Publications
Further Publications: https://www.mobius.illinois.edu/papers.php

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