swMATH ID: 40999
Software Authors: Elizarova, T.G.; Sheretov, Y.V
Description: QHDFoam.C: Solver for unsteady 3D turbulent flow of incompressible viscous fluid governed by quasi-hydrodynamic dynamic (QHD) equations. QHD system of equations has been developed by scientific group from Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, see http://elizarova.imamod.ru/selection-of-papers.html
Homepage: https://unicfdlab.github.io/QGDsolver/html/QHDFoam_8C.html
Keywords: wave attractors; internal waves
Related Software: QGDFoam; OpenFOAM; Nek5000; NOISETTE; AUSM; TetGen; GridSpiderPar; DiMP; DiMP-hydro; Nektar++; sPuReMD; MPI; CUDA; NAMD; Athena; rhoCentralFoam; GIMMNANO
Cited in: 70 Publications

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Quasi-gas dynamic equations. Zbl 1169.76001
Elizarova, Tatiana G.

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