swMATH ID: 41212
Software Authors: Poličar, P. G., Stražar, M., Zupan, B.
Description: openTSNE: Extensible, parallel implementations of t-SNE. openTSNE is a modular Python implementation of t-Distributed Stochasitc Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE) [1], a popular dimensionality-reduction algorithm for visualizing high-dimensional data sets. openTSNE incorporates the latest improvements to the t-SNE algorithm, including the ability to add new data points to existing embeddings [2], massive speed improvements [3] [4], enabling t-SNE to scale to millions of data points and various tricks to improve global alignment of the resulting visualizations
Homepage: https://opentsne.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Source Code:  https://github.com/pavlin-policar/openTSNE
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: LargeVis; TriMap; UMAP; t-SNE; largeVis; Scikit; oocPCA; FixMatch; DeepView; ReMixMatch; FIt-SNE; word2vec; darch; GitHub; MurTree; ORL; PPINN; GOSDT; InfoGAN; CLEVR
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