swMATH ID: 41215
Software Authors: Csaba Balázs, Andy Buckley, Lars A. Dal, Ben Farmer, Paul Jackson, Abram Krislock, Anders Kvellestad, Daniel Murnane, Antje Putze, Are Raklev, Christopher Rogan, Aldo Saavedra, Pat Scott, Christoph Weniger, Martin White
Description: ColliderBit: a GAMBIT module for the calculation of high-energy collider observables and likelihoods. We describe ColliderBit, a new code for the calculation of high energy collider observables in theories of physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM). ColliderBit features a generic interface to BSM models, a unique parallelised Monte Carlo event generation scheme suitable for large-scale supercomputer applications, and a number of LHC analyses, covering a reasonable range of the BSM signatures currently sought by ATLAS and CMS. ColliderBit also calculates likelihoods for Higgs sector observables, and LEP searches for BSM particles. These features are provided by a combination of new code unique to ColliderBit, and interfaces to existing state-of-the-art public codes. ColliderBit is both an important part of the GAMBIT framework for BSM inference, and a standalone tool for efficiently applying collider constraints to theories of new physics.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1705.07919
Source Code:  https://github.com/GambitBSM/gambit_1.2/tree/release_1.2/ColliderBit
Related Software: TOHM; LPMode; SModelS; MadAnalysis; HiggsSignals; CheckMATE; Spheno; SARAH; HiggsBounds
Cited in: 2 Publications

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