swMATH ID: 4122
Software Authors: Estima; H. Hansen
Description: CATS (Cointegration Analysis of Time Series) is a set of cointegration analysis procedures written by Jonathan G. Dennis, Katarina Juselius, Sören Johansen and Henrik Hansen of the University of Copenhagen for use with our RATS software. CATS provides a wide variety of tools for analyzing your data and choosing and testing a cointegration model. The program is almost completely menu- and dialog-driven. You begin by running a short RATS program to define your data and load the CATS procedure. This adds several CATS menus to the RATS menu bar, and you perform your analysis by selecting operations from these menus. CATS will prompt you for any needed input. See CATS 2: A Closer Look for screen shots showing some of the menu operations.
Homepage: https://www.estima.com/catsinfo.shtml
Dependencies: RATS
Related Software: PcGive; GiveWin; OxMetrics; RATS; Microfit; Ox; ACM/EATCS
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