swMATH ID: 413
Software Authors: Gourlay, A.R.
Description: Hopscotch: a fast second order partial differential equations solver. An idea of Gordon for the numerical solution of evolutionary problems is reformulated and shown to be equivalent to a Peaceman-Rachford process. A fast computational process is then developed and applied to parabolic and elliptic problems, both linear and non-linear. This algorithm is very efficient with regard to computing time, storage requirements and ease of programming. Several fairly general conditions are given which ensure convergence for parabolic and elliptic problems.
Homepage: http://imamat.oxfordjournals.org/content/6/4/375.short
Related Software: COMSOL; DIMSYM; Matlab; Mathematica; Metro; MersenneTwister; MGOO; ALGOL 68; RODAS; HLLE; FIDAP
Cited in: 44 Documents

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