swMATH ID: 41438
Software Authors: Chris J Myers, Nathan Barker, Kevin Jones, Hiroyuki Kuwahara, Curtis Madsen, Nam-Phuong D Nguyen
Description: iBioSim: a tool for the analysis and design of genetic circuits. Summary: iBioSim is a tool that supports learning of genetic circuit models, efficient abstraction-based analysis of these models and the design of synthetic genetic circuits. iBioSim includes project management features and a graphical user interface that facilitate the development and maintenance of genetic circuit models as well as both experimental and simulation data records. Availability: iBioSim is available for download for Windows, Linux, and MacOS at http://www.async.ece.utah.edu/iBioSim/
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article/25/21/2848/225805
Related Software: COPASI; Python; GitHub; PySB; BSim; BasiCO; MobsPy; BioNetGen; SBW; LibSBMLSim; RunBioSimulations; PySCeS; DYVIPAC; SOSlib; LLVM; SUNDIALS; MASSpy; PhysiCell; tellurium; SWIG
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