swMATH ID: 41501
Software Authors: M. Nori, M. Baldi
Description: AX-GADGET: a new code for cosmological simulations of Fuzzy Dark Matter and Axion models. We present a new module of the parallel N-Body code P-GADGET3 for cosmological simulations of light bosonic non-thermal dark matter, often referred as Fuzzy Dark Matter (FDM). The dynamics of the FDM features a highly non-linear Quantum Potential (QP) that suppresses the growth of structures at small scales. Most of the previous attempts of FDM simulations either evolved suppressed initial conditions, completely neglecting the dynamical effects of QP throughout cosmic evolution, or resorted to numerically challenging full-wave solvers. The code provides an interesting alternative, following the FDM evolution without impairing the overall performance. This is done by computing the QP acceleration through the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) routines, with improved schemes to ensure precise and stable derivatives. As an extension of the P-GADGET3 code, it inherits all the additional physics modules implemented up to date, opening a wide range of possibilities to constrain FDM models and explore its degeneracies with other physical phenomena. Simulations are compared with analytical predictions and results of other codes, validating the QP as a crucial player in structure formation at small scales.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1801.08144
Related Software: PyUltraLight; GADGET; Nyx; GAMER; PSpectRe; pyFFTW; FFTW; Numexpr; Galacticus; Python; CLASS; MontePython 3; Monte Python; PsrPopPy; Matlab
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