swMATH ID: 41532
Software Authors: Dufour-Kowalski S., Courbaud B., Dreyfus P., Meredieu C., de Coligny F.
Description: Capsis: an open software framework and community for forest growth modelling. Results: Capsis provides an open and modular software architecture based on various components, allowing to run forest growth simulations and display the results. The benefits of this framework are shown with the Samsara2 model, an individual-based and spatialised tree model. Capsis has been used successfully in many similar projects. In addition, the Capsis methodology defines how developers, modellers and end-users may interact. Conclusion: The Capsis framework facilitates collaborative and shared software development. Moreover, it is a powerful way to support scientific animation in the frame of forest science.
Homepage: https://capsis.cirad.fr/capsis/models
Related Software: PTAEDA; TreeGrOSS; SIMO; rFVS; SILVA; sitreeE; r3PG; data.table; ggplot2; R; SiTree
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Further Publications: https://capsis.cirad.fr/capsis/publications