swMATH ID: 41534
Software Authors: Nagel, J.
Description: TreeGrOSS: Tree growth open source software - a tree growth model component. TreeGrOSS is an Open Source project of the department of growth and yield of the Forest Research Station of Lower Saxony in Germany. About 10 years ago there has been a major shift in Lower Saxony’s silvicultural policy. This mainly means an increase in the percentage of hardwoods, natural regeneration instead of clearcutting, more mixed species stands and well structured stands. Consequently the growth and yield department shifted the focus of research from the stand to the tree level and started working on a forest growth model based on single tree information of the experimental plots which a scattered over north west Germany. For practical application the forest growth model was integrated into a computer program to allow forest growth simulation. This program has been updated and extended in the past. Today’s version of BWINPro is used by the Forest Service and the public mainly for stand analysis, silvicultural strategy development, education and presentation. A special version KSP is used to analyze and forecast permanent plot inventory.
Homepage: http://treegross.sourceforge.net
Dependencies: Java
Related Software: PTAEDA; SIMO; Capsis; rFVS; SILVA; sitreeE; r3PG; data.table; ggplot2; R; SiTree
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