swMATH ID: 41535
Software Authors: Burkhart H.E., Amateis R.L., Westfall J.A., Daniels R.F.
Description: PTAEDA4.0: simulation of individual tree growth, stand development and economic evaluation in Loblolly pine plantations. A forest stand simulator, PTAEDA4.0, was developed to model growth in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations on cutover, site-prepared areas. Individual trees were used as the basic modeling units. In PTAEDA4.0, trees are assigned coordinate locations in a stand and ’grown’ annually as a function of their size, the site quality, and competition from neighbors. Growth increments are adjusted by stochastic elements representing genetic and microsite variability. Mortality is generated stochastically through Bernoulli trials. Subroutines were developed to simulate the effects of site preparation treatments, hardwood competition, thinning, fertilization and pruning on tree and stand development. A number of output options allow the user to specify total and merchantable yields. Costs of management activities and prices of products determined by the user allow the economic evaluation, in terms of net present value, of various management regimes. PTAEDA4.0 has several enhancements over previous versions including graphical thinning capability, linkage with the Stand Visualization System developed by the Forest Service, the ability to input an existing stand diameter distribution, and the inclusion of percent of trees that are defective by diameter class. These enhancements expand the utility of the model for simulating new plantations and existing stands.
Homepage: https://fmrc.frec.vt.edu/Models/ptaeda4.html
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