swMATH ID: 4162
Software Authors: Parashar, Manish; Browne, James C.
Description: Systems engineering for high performance computing software: The HDDA/DAGH infrastructure for implementation of parallel structured adaptive mesh This paper defines, describes and illustrates a systems engineering process for development of software systems implementing high performance computing applications. The example which drives the creation of this process is development of a flexible and extendible program development infrastructure for parallel structured adaptive meshes, the HDDA/DAGH package. The fundamental systems engineering principles used (hierarchical abstractions based on separation of concerns) are well known but are not commonly applied in the context of high performance computing software. Application of these principles will be seen to enable implementation of an infrastructure which combines breadth of applicability and portability with high performance.
Homepage: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~dagh/license.html
Keywords: software systems engineering; structured adaptive mesh-refinement; high performance software development; distributed dynamic data-structures
Related Software: PARAMESH; AMROC; SAMRAI; Chombo; PETSc; Carpet; Cactus; Overture; AMRD; PAMR; AmrLib; BoxLib; DistDLB; Maple; SENKIN; CVODE; RKC; Racoon; DRAMA; VTF
Cited in: 12 Publications

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