swMATH ID: 41665
Software Authors: Dutertre, B., Jovanovic, D., Navas, J.A.
Description: Sally is a model checker for infinite state systems described as transition systems. It is research software under development so the features and the input language may change rapidly.
Homepage: http://sri-csl.github.io/sally/
Source Code:  https://github.com/SRI-CSL/sally
Dependencies: C++
Related Software: googletest; Yosys; z3; Ivy; CoSA; Verilog2SMV; SPIN; Mcmt; PySMT; MathSAT5; NuSMV; Kind 2; nuXmv; ABC; CTIGAR; Cython; CVC4; SMT-LIB; Booster; SAFARI
Cited in: 0 Publications