swMATH ID: 41676
Software Authors: Giuseppe Vettigli
Description: MiniSom is a minimalistic and Numpy based implementation of the Self Organizing Maps (SOM). SOM is a type of Artificial Neural Network able to convert complex, nonlinear statistical relationships between high-dimensional data items into simple geometric relationships on a low-dimensional display. Minisom is designed to allow researchers to easily build on top of it and to give students the ability to quickly grasp its details.
Homepage: https://github.com/JustGlowing/minisom
Source Code:  https://github.com/JustGlowing/minisom
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: SimpSOM; kohonen; NeuPy; SOMPY; Imageio; Plotly; SciPy; NumPy; PyMVPA; Scikit; Matplotlib; pandas; Python; GEMA; CompuCell3D; GitHub
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1 Mathematical Biosciences

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