swMATH ID: 4169
Software Authors: Michel A. Van Hove; A Barbieri
Description: The LEED packages are designed for surface structure determination from experimental LEED IV curves. They are primarily used with ordered, commensurate surface structures. They can also be applied unchanged to adsorbate systems with lattice-gas disorder (and some incommensurate structures), by simulating diffuse LEED. No spin polarization is included. Relativistic effects are only included through (spin-averaged) relativistic phase shifts.
Homepage: http://www.ap.cityu.edu.hk/SurfStrucInfo/SurfStrucInfo_files/leed/leedpack.html
Programming Languages: Fortran 77
Operating Systems: The programs can run on PCs, workstations and larger computers, with a few exceptions (such as some SGI workstations for LEEDSATL).
Dependencies: The phase shift programs require Fortran 90.
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