swMATH ID: 4171
Software Authors: Robert van de Geijn; Jerrell Watts
Description: In this paper, we give a straight forward, highly efficient, scalable implementation of common matrix multiplication operations. The algorithms are much simpler than previously published methods, yield better performance, and require less work space. MPI implementations are given, as are performance results on the Intel Paragon system.
Homepage: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~rvdg/abstracts/SUMMA.html
Related Software: ScaLAPACK; LAPACK; BLAS; PUMMA; ATLAS; Trilinos; PLAPACK; SparseMatrix; mctoolbox; SpAMM; PHiPAC; STRUMPACK; CALU; CUDA; OpenCL; MKL; MFEM; Elemental; SpGEMM; TASCEL
Cited in: 30 Documents

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