swMATH ID: 41730
Software Authors: Thompson, J.; Kinghorn, B.
Description: CATMAN - A Program to Measure CAT-Scans for Prediction of Body Components in Live Animals. A Whole-Body Computed Tomography System (CAT-Scanner) has been installed in the Department of Animal Science as a tool to measure body composition in live animals. The CAT-Scanner records a series of de&&d, cross-sectional slices of the five animal which are tmnsfermd to a PC where CATMAN software is used to display the image and measure area and density of specific tissues or organs within each slice. The ama estimates for tissue/component weights from each slice are then integrated to calculate volumes of the various tissues, which are then adjusted for their density to provide an estimate of the tissue weights in the body.
Homepage: http://www.aaabg.org/livestocklibrary/1992/ab92135.pdf
Related Software: Ultimixt; mixtools; bayesm; CODA
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