swMATH ID: 41759
Software Authors: Capota, M., Hegeman, T., Iosup, A., Prat-Pérez, A., Erling, O., Boncz, P. A
Description: Graphalytics: A Big Data Benchmark for Graph-Processing Platforms. Graphs are increasingly used in industry, governance, and science. This has stimulated the appearance of many and diverse graph-processing platforms. Although platform diversity is beneficial, it also makes it very challenging to select the best platform for an application domain or one of its important applications, and to design new and tune existing platforms. Continuing a long tradition of using benchmarking to address such challenges, in this work we present our vision for Graphalytics, a big data benchmark for graph-processing platforms. We have already benchmarked with Graphalytics a variety of popular platforms, such as Giraph, GraphX, and Neo4j.
Homepage: https://graphalytics.org
Related Software: Elixir; Pregel; SympleGraph; Mermaid; PathGraph; Blogel; NScaleSpark; GPS; Gluon; GossipMap; GoFFish; Fregel; Apache Spark; HaLoop; Green-Marl; Giraph; PowerGraph; GraphX; GraphLab
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