swMATH ID: 41871
Software Authors: Saito, Naoki; Shao, Yiqun
Description: eGHWT: the extended generalized Haar-Walsh transform. Extending computational harmonic analysis tools from the classical setting of regular lattices to the more general setting of graphs and networks is very important, and much research has been done recently. The generalized Haar-Walsh transform (GHWT) developed by Irion and Saito (2014) is a multiscale transform for signals on graphs, which is a generalization of the classical Haar and Walsh-Hadamard transforms. We propose the extended generalized Haar-Walsh transform (eGHWT), which is a generalization of the adapted time-frequency tilings of Thiele and Villemoes (1996).
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10851-021-01064-w
Source Code:  https://github.com/UCD4IDS/MultiscaleGraphSignalTransforms.jl
Keywords: graph wavelets and wavelet packets; Haar-Walsh wavelet packet transform; best basis selection; graph signal approximation; image analysis
Related Software: MultiscaleGraphSignalTransforms.jl; MTSG_Toolbox; Wavelets.jl; GitHub; viridis; Julia; Outex
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eGHWT: the extended generalized Haar-Walsh transform. Zbl 07510343
Saito, Naoki; Shao, Yiqun

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