swMATH ID: 41997
Software Authors: Ghosh, Supriyo; Newman, Christopher K.; Francois, Marianne M.
Description: Tusas: A fully implicit parallel approach for coupled phase-field equations. We develop a fully-coupled, fully-implicit approach for phase-field modeling of solidification in metals and alloys. Predictive simulation of solidification in pure metals and metal alloys remains a significant challenge in the field of materials science, as microstructure formation during the solidification process plays a critical role in the properties and performance of the solid material. Our simulation approach consists of a finite element spatial discretization of the fully-coupled nonlinear system of partial differential equations at the microscale, which is treated implicitly in time with a preconditioned Jacobian-free Newton-Krylov method. The approach is algorithmically scalable as well as efficient due to an effective preconditioning strategy based on algebraic multigrid and block factorization. We implement this approach in the open-source exttt{Tusas} framework, which is a general, flexible tool developed in C++ for solving coupled systems of nonlinear partial differential equations. The performance of our approach is analyzed in terms of algorithmic scalability and efficiency, while the computational performance of exttt{Tusas} is presented in terms of parallel scalability and efficiency on emerging heterogeneous architectures. We demonstrate that modern algorithms, discretizations, and computational science, and heterogeneous hardware provide a robust route for predictive phase-field simulation of microstructure evolution during additive manufacturing.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.16764
Keywords: implicit methods; JFNK method; preconditioning; phase-field simulation; solidification
Related Software: CUDA; SUNDIALS; Trilinos; EXODUS II; Pace3D; MMSP; MICRESS; PhasePot; CMake; MueLu; Kokkos; Amesos2; MOOSE; Belos; FiPy; Boost; ML; MPI; HDF; NetCDF
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