swMATH ID: 41999
Software Authors: ACCESS e.V.
Description: Micress - The MICRostructure Evolution Simulation Software. The properties of almost any material are largely determined by its structure and especially by its microstructure. MICRESS®- the MICRostructure Evolution Simulation Software - is a software package that enables the calculation of microstructure formation in time and space during phase transformations, especially in metallurgical systems. It is maintained and distributed by ACCESS e.V., a non-profit research center at the Aachen University of Technology (RWTH), with revenue from sales being re-invested into maintenance and further development of the code.
Homepage: https://docs.micress.rwth-aachen.de/7.1/index.html
Source Code:  https://docs.micress.rwth-aachen.de/7.1/index.html#references
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