swMATH ID: 42029
Software Authors: Wojdyr, M.
Description: UglyMol: A WebGL macromolecular viewer focused on the electron density. UglyMol (Wojdyr 2016) is a macromolecular viewer specialized in presenting macromolec- ular models together with the electron density. It uses web technologies (JavaScript and WebGL) and is suitable for embedding in web applications. The project was started as a fork of xtal.js (Echols 2015).
Homepage: https://uglymol.github.io
Source Code:  https://github.com/uglymol/uglymol
Keywords: UglyMol; WebGL; macromolecular viewer; electron density; Journal of Open Source Software; JavaScript; crystallographers
Related Software: CCP4; EXI; molstack; SynchWeb; ContaMiner; Coot; xtal.js; JavaScript; Clipper; reciprocalspaceship; Servalcat; cctbx; Minimap2; Larch; CCP4i2; autoBUSTER; GEMMI
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UglyMol: a WebGL macromolecular viewer focused on the electron density Link
Wojdyr, M.