swMATH ID: 42042
Software Authors: Yu, Byeongsu
Description: Standard pairs of monomial ideals over nonnormal affine semigroups in SageMath. We present StdPairs, a SageMath library to compute standard pairs of a monomial ideal over a pointed (nonnormal) affine semigroup ring. Moreover, StdPairs provides the associated prime ideals, the corresponding multiplicities, and an irredundant irreducible primary decomposition of a monomial ideal. The library expands on the standardPairs function on Macaulay2 over polynomial rings, and is based on algorithms from Matusevich and Yu (2020). We also provide methods that allow the outputs from this library to be compatible with the Normaliz package of Macaulay2 and SageMath
Homepage: https://msp.org/jsag/2021/11-1/jsag-v11-n1-p13-s.pdf
Dependencies: SageMath
Keywords: affine semigroups; standard pairs; monomial ideals; semigroup rings
Related Software: SageMath; Macaulay2; standardPairs; Normaliz; Polyhedra; Binomials.m2; 4ti2
Referenced in: 2 Publications

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