swMATH ID: 42090
Software Authors: Weissenböck, J., Amirkhanov, A., Li, W., Reh, A., Amirkhanov, A., Gröller, E., Kastner, J., et al.
Description: FiberScout: An interactive tool for exploring and analyzing fiber reinforced polymers. Fiber-reinforced polymers belong to the group of high-performance composite materials and are characterized by their high mechanical strength at simultaneously low weight. Since the fibers in these materials strongly affect the mechanical properties such as stiffness, strength, ductility, etc., it is important to characterize them precisely in order to optimize the material systems. FeatureScout is designed to accurately analyze fiber-reinforced polymers with respect to their fiber/pore properties (for example, distribution of fiber lengths and fiber orientation). The individual fibers/pores can be selected and displayed by certain criteria. Fibers/pores with similar characteristics can be grouped into classes and stored with additional statistical information in a list. Specific visualization methods simultaneously show the spatial position of all defined fiber/pore classes in the CT volume data set.
Homepage: https://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/research/publications/2014/weissenboeck-2014/weissenboeck-2014-%20%20%20%20paper.pdf
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