swMATH ID: 4222
Software Authors: Bandy, Victor; Sweet, Roland; Joel Dendy
Description: A set of three drivers for BOXMG: A black-box multigrid solver The paper presents three driver interfaces to the Fortran software packages BOXMG and BOXMGP (the black-box multigrid solvers for two-dimensional problems) which are considered to have good flexibility in the choice of multigrid algorithms available.par Two drivers, BBMG and BBMGP, simplify the interface to BOXMG and BOXMGP, respectively. They reduce the argument list by combining all the work arrays into only two work arrays, combining multigrid control and convergence parameters into two arrays, and adding extensive error checking. The third driver, DIVMG, is an interface to BOXMG and BOXMGP for a special class of problems. It solves a two-dimensional second-order partial differential equation in divergence form on a rectangular domain with a variety of boundary conditions. As previously drivers, the DIVMG includes extensive error checking.par The authors present numerical examples from the execution of the DIVMG driver. The output contains several different kinds of information which may be valuable for the users.
Homepage: http://www.mgnet.org/mgnet-codes-boxmg.html
Keywords: Fortran software packages BOXMG and BOXMGP; black-box multigrid solvers; multigrid algorithms; multigrid control; convergence parameters; extensive error checking; divergence form; numerical examples
Related Software: MM5; Slatec
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