swMATH ID: 42223
Software Authors: Mark A. van de Wiel, Putri W. Novianti
Description: Bioconductor/R package GRridge: Better prediction by use of co-data: Adaptive group-regularized ridge regression. This package allows the use of multiple sources of co-data (e.g. external p-values, gene lists, annotation) to improve prediction of binary, continuous and survival response using (logistic, linear or Cox) group-regularized ridge regression. It also facilitates post-hoc variable selection and prediction diagnostics by cross-validation using ROC curves and AUC.
Homepage: https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/GRridge.html
Dependencies: R
Related Software: gren; CoRF; glmnet; scam; mgcv; fwelnet; graper; gglasso; grplasso; ggplot2; ggpubr; squeezy; R; ecpc
Cited in: 0 Publications