swMATH ID: 4225
Software Authors: INTES GmbH Stuttgart; Ast M, Fischer R, Manz H, Schulz U
Description: PERMAS is an internationally established FE analysis system with users in many countries. It offers powerful capabilities, ultimate computing power and high software reliability. PERMAS enables the engineer to perform comprehensive analyses and simulations in many fields of applications like stiffness analysis, stress analysis, determination of natural modes, dynamic simulations in the time and frequency domain, determination of temperature fields and electromagnetic fields, analysis of anisotropic material like fibre-reinforced composites.
Homepage: http://www.intes.de/
Related Software: ABAQUS; NASTRAN; ANSYS; KORBX; SIMPACK; SPLASH-2; PAM-OPT; MAVI; UNIPASS; Proban; phimeca; COSSAN; PAM-CRASH; FERUM; LS-DYNA; Bison; OpenModelica; FlexibleBodies; Adams; Dymola
Cited in: 13 Publications

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