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Software Authors: Cowling, Peter; Kendall, Graham; Soubeiga, Eric; Burke E
Description: The term hyperheuristic was introduced by the authors as a high-level heuristic that adaptively controls several low-level knowledge-poor heuristics so that while using only cheap, easy-to-implement low-level heuristics, we may achieve solution quality approaching that of an expensive knowledge-rich approach. For certain classes of problems, this allows us to rapidly produce effective solutions, in a fraction of the time needed for other approaches, and using a level of expertise common among non-academic IT professionals. Hyperheuristics have been successfully applied by the authors to a real-world problem of personnel scheduling. In this paper, the authors report another successful application of hyperheuristics to a rather different real-world problem of personnel scheduling occuring at a UK academic institution. Not only did the hyperheuristics produce results of a quality much superior to that of a manual solution but also these results were produced within a period of only three weeks due to the savings resulting from using the existing hyperheuristic software framework.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/pd14ylkk1hnp2c87/fulltext.pdf
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