swMATH ID: 4246
Software Authors: Markus Burkhardt; Andreas Hanselowski; Eberhard
Description: Neweul-M² is a software package for the dynamic analysis of mechanical systems with the multibody system method. It comprises the computation of the symbolic equations of motion and the simulation of the dynamic behavior. It is running in Matlab using the Symbolic Math Toolbox for symbolic calculations. This offers the advantages of both, an of-the-shelf symbolic manipulator, being Maple or MuPad, and the vast numerical abilities of Matlab. Contact information for any questions can be found under More Information.
Homepage: http://www.itm.uni-stuttgart.de/research/neweul/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Matlab; SIMPACK; Simulink; NEWOPT/AIMS; CONTACT; NX; PERMAS; geom3d; MapleSim; Pasimodo; MOBILE; TADIFF; PROFIL/BIAS; HEXACT; ADIFOR; MatMorembs; JDQZ; RODAS; JDQR; PVM
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