swMATH ID: 42506
Software Authors: G. Degottex, J. Kane, T. Drugman, T. Raitio, S. Scherer
Description: COVAREP is an open-source repository of advanced speech processing algorithms and stored in a GitHub project where researchers in speech processing can store original implementations of published algorithms. Over the past few decades a vast array of advanced speech processing algorithms have been developed, often offering significant improvements over the existing state-of-the-art. Such algorithms can have a reasonably high degree of complexity and, hence, can be difficult to accurately re-implement based on article descriptions. Another issue is the so-called ’bug magnet effect’ with re-implementations requently having significant differences from the original ones. The consequence of all this has been that many promising developments have been under-exploited or discarded, with researchers tending to stick to conventional analysis methods. By developing COVAREP we are hoping to address this by encouraging authors to include original implementations of their algorithms, thus resulting in a single de facto version for the speech community to refer to.
Homepage: https://covarep.github.io/covarep/
Source Code:  https://github.com/covarep/covarep
Related Software: RUBi; OpenFace; VL-InterpreT; CLEVR; MDETR; ViLT; VisualBERT; MultiBench; ViLBERT; DIME; GloVe; Flickr30K; Grad-CAM; NBDT; Faster R-CNN; VQA; LXMERT; iMotions; Python; MultiViz
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