swMATH ID: 4273
Software Authors: Geist; Beguelin; Dongarra; Jiang; Manchek; Sunderam
Description: PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) is a software package that permits a heterogeneous collection of Unix and/or Windows computers hooked together by a network to be used as a single large parallel computer. Thus large computational problems can be solved more cost effectively by using the aggregate power and memory of many computers. The software is very portable. The source, which is available free thru netlib, has been compiled on everything from laptops to CRAYs. PVM enables users to exploit their existing computer hardware to solve much larger problems at minimal additional cost. Hundreds of sites around the world are using PVM to solve important scientific, industrial, and medical problems in addition to PVM’s use as an educational tool to teach parallel programming. With tens of thousands of users, PVM has become the de facto standard for distributed computing world-wide.
Homepage: http://www.csm.ornl.gov/pvm/
Keywords: Parallel
Related Software: MPI; LAPACK; ScaLAPACK; MPI/MPICH; BLAS; METIS; Genocop; Globus Toolkit; Matlab; NAS Parallel Benchmarks; Haskell; HTCondor MW; PICL; mctoolbox; LINPACK; EISPACK; R; HE-E1GODF; BSPlib; MPICH-G2
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