swMATH ID: 42863
Software Authors: Tan, S., Salibindla, A., Masuk, A. U. M., Ni, R.
Description: Introducing OpenLPT: new method of removing ghost particles and high-concentration particle shadow tracking. We developed an open-source Lagrangian particle tracking (OpenLPT) based on the Shake-the-Box (Schanz, Gesemann, and Schröder, Exp. Fluids 57.5, 2016) method. The source code of OpenLPT is available on GitHub repository (@JHU-NI-LAB). The code features a new method that removes the majority of ghost particles at a high particle image density. The resulting percentage of ghost particles drops from 110
Homepage: https://me.jhu.edu/fluidtransportlab/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Tan2020_Article_IntroducingOpenLPTNewMethodOfR.pdf
Source Code: https://github.com/JHU-NI-LAB/OpenLPT_Shake-The-Box
Related Software: GReTA; Trackpy; TracTrac; OpenPTV; Python; MyPTV
Cited in: 0 Publications