swMATH ID: 4292
Software Authors: Wüchner, Roland; Kupzok, Alexander; Bletzinger, Kai-Uwe
Description: A framework for stabilized partitioned analysis of thin membrane-wind interaction. This contribution proposes a methodology for the numerical analysis and for the improvement of the design of free-form membrane structures subjected to flow-induced effects. Typical applications in such context are tents exposed to wind. Different physical factors connected to thin and flexible structures, highly turbulent air flows, as well as their interaction have to be taken into account. This necessitates the appropriate combination of different numerical disciplines which is done in the simulation of fluid-structure interaction. The over-all complexity of the problem favours a modular and flexible software environment with a partitioned coupling strategy. Within such an environment, the solution of each physical and algorithmic field is applicable with the most suited method. In the proposed framework, the structural field is solved with the in-house finite element program CARAT, which uses several finite element types and advanced solution strategies for form finding, nonlinear, and dynamical problems. The fluid field is solved with the CFD software package CFX-5. The interaction between both physical fields is realized by the exchange of boundary conditions. Beyond the mere exchange of data, the utilization of stabilized as well as efficient coupling strategies is mandatory. This contribution illuminates the scope of numerical simulation theory and presents implementations followed by illustrative examples.
Homepage: http://www.tu-harburg.de/rzt/tuinfo/software/sm/cfds_flow3d.html
Keywords: coupled iteration schemes; software package CFX-5
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