oneloop 2.0

swMATH ID: 4302
Software Authors: L. Brücher, J. Franzkowski, D. Kreimer
Description: oneloop 2.0 - A program package calculating one-loop integrals. Nature of problem: The theoretical determination of cross sections in particle processes requires the calculation of radiative corrections. The most important contribution comes from the level of one-loop Feynman diagrams which arise from the model under consideration, usually the standard model of elementary particles. Solution method: This package is designed to evaluate automatically one-loop integrals. It is making use of the properties of R functions, a class of special functions which simplifies the evaluation of Feynman integrals.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ACVW_v2_0.html
Programming Languages: Maple.
Operating Systems: Unix (Linux 2.0), VMS 6.2, MS-DOS 6.0.
Dependencies: Maple
Keywords: Particle physics; Elementary; Qed; Electroweak theory; Feynman diagrams; One-loop corrections; Renormalization.
Related Software: Maple; LoopTools; TARCER; FeynCalc; Mathematica
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