swMATH ID: 43025
Software Authors: Vaibhav Kumar Dixit; Christopher Rackauckas
Description: GlobalSensitivity.jl: Performant and Parallel Global Sensitivity Analysis with Julia. Global Sensitivity Analysis (GSA) methods are used to quantify the uncertainty in the output of a model with respect to the parameters. These methods allow practitioners to measure both parameters’ individual contributions and the contribution of their interactions to the output uncertainty. GlobalSensitivity.jl is a Julia (Bezanson et al., 2017) package containing implementations of some of the most popular GSA methods. Currently it supports Delta Moment-Independent (Borgonovo, 2007; Plischke et al., 2013), DGSM (Sobol’ & Kucherenko, 2009), EASI (Plischke, 2010, 2012), eFAST (A. Saltelli et al., 1999; Andrea Saltelli & Bolado, 1998), Morris (Campolongo et al., 2007; Morris, 1991), Fractional Factorial (Andrea Saltelli et al., 2008), RBD-FAST (Tarantola et al., 2006), Sobol (Andrea Saltelli, 2002; Andrea Saltelli et al., 2008; Sobol’, 2001) and regression-based sensitivity (Ridolfi & Mooij, 2016) methods.
Homepage: https://gsa.sciml.ai/stable/
Dependencies: Julia
Keywords: Julia; JOSS; GlobalSensitivity.jl; Performant; Parallel; Global Sensitivity Analysis; GSA; Journal of Open Source Software
Related Software: Sobol; MOEA; DifferentialEquations.jl; eFAST; Plots.jl; Makie.jl; SALib; Julia
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