swMATH ID: 4330
Software Authors: Janet R. Donaldson, Peter V. Tryon
Description: The Standards Time Series and Regressions Package.STARPAC, the Standards Time Series and Regression Package, is a library of Fortran subroutines for statistical data analysis developed by the Statistical Engineering Division (SED). STARPAC consists of families of subroutines for nonlinear least squares regression, time series analysis (in both time and frequency domains), line printer graphics, basic statistical analysis, and linear least squares regression.
Homepage: http://water.usgs.gov/software/OTIS/addl/starpac/nls.html
Programming Languages: ANSI Fortran 77
Keywords: The Standards Time Series and Regressions Package
Related Software: NPSOL; MINOS
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1 Gorelick, Steven M.

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