swMATH ID: 4338
Software Authors: Abramson, M. A.
Description: NOMADm is a MATLAB implementation of the class of Mesh-Adaptive Direct Search (MADS) algorithms for solving nonlinear and mixed variable optimization problems with general nonlinear constraints
Homepage: http://www.gerad.ca/NOMAD/Abramson/nomadm.html
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: EGO; Matlab; Scatter Search; MultiMin; SNOBFIT; CMA-ES; DFO; NOMAD; DACE; UOBYQA; NEWUOA; R-SPLINE; SimOpt; Tabu search; DiceOptim; DiceKriging; COMPASS; BOBYQA; OrthoMADS; Optimization Toolbox
Referenced in: 13 Publications

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