swMATH ID: 43415
Software Authors: Peel, Austin; Galan, Aymeric; Vernardos, Giorgos
Description: Herculens: Differentiable gravitational lensing. Herculens models current and future observations of strong gravitational lenses. It is based on the automatic differentiation and compilation features of JAX (ascl:2111.002), which enables faster convergence to the solution, more efficient exploration of the parameter space including the sampling of posterior distributions, and new ways to mitigate degeneracies that affect gravitational lensing. Herculens supports various degrees of model complexity, ranging from standard smooth analytical profiles to pixelated models combined with machine learning approaches. It also supports several of the most widely-used analytical profiles as well as multi-scale pixelated models regularized with wavelets.
Homepage: https://ascl.net/2209.002
Source Code:  https://github.com/austinpeel/herculens
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Herculens; Differentiable gravitational lensing; darkmatter; Astrophysics; arXiv_astro-ph.IM; arXiv_astro-ph.CO; arXiv_astro-ph.GA
Related Software: MOLET; NumPy; SciPy; GetDist; Jupyter; Astropy; Matplotlib; Python
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Using wavelets to capture deviations from smoothness in galaxy-scale strong lenses
Aymeric Galan, Georgios Vernardos, Austin Peel, Frédéric Courbin, Jean-Luc Starck