Quantum Mobile

swMATH ID: 43486
Software Authors: Chris Sewell, Giovanni Pizzi, Leopold Talirz
Description: Quantum Mobile is a Virtual Machine for computational materials science. Quantum Mobile provides a uniform environment for quantum mechanical materials simulations. Simulation codes are set up and ready to be used either directly or through the AiiDA python framework for automated workflows and provenance tracking.
Homepage: https://quantum-mobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Related Software: Spack; VirtualBox; CONQUEST; DCore; DSQSS; GAMESS; hphi; LAMMPS; mVMC; Quantum Espresso; RESPACK; SALMON; TeNeS; cthyb; DFTTools; Wannier90; 2DMAT; CIF2Cell; FermiSurfer; Open Babel
Cited in: 0 Publications