swMATH ID: 4367
Software Authors: W. H. Vandevender; K. H. Haskell
Description: The SLATEC Common Mathematical Subroutine Library is an experiment in resource sharing by the computing departments of several Department of Energy Laboratories. The objective is to cooperatively assemble and install at each site a mathematical subroutine library characterized by portability, good numerical technology, good documentation, robustness, and quality assurance. The result is a portable Fortran mathematical subroutine library of over 130,000 lines of code.Much of the following report is based on [1], a chapter to be included in a forthcoming book about mathematical software.
Homepage: http://www.netlib.org/slatec/
Related Software: Mathematica; ODEPACK; LAPACK; NAG; TENSOLVE; LANCELOT; nag; GSL; PETSc; DASSL; QUADPACK; HSL; Matlab; GlobSol; COCONUT; minpack; DEPAC; pchip; UNCMND; MINOS
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