Sun Grid Engine

swMATH ID: 43830
Software Authors: Gentzsch, W.
Description: SGE - Sun Grid Engine: The Sun Grid Engine queuing system is useful when you have a lot of tasks to execute and want to distribute the tasks over a cluster of machines. For example, you might need to run hundreds of simulations/experiments with varying parameters or need to convert 300 videos from one format to another. Using a queuing system in these situations has the following advantages: Scheduling - allows you to schedule a virtually unlimited amount of work to be performed when resources become available. This means you can simply submit as many tasks (or jobs) as you like and let the queuing system handle executing them all. Load Balancing - automatically distributes tasks across the cluster such that any one node doesn’t get overloaded compared to the rest. Monitoring/Accounting - ability to monitor all submitted jobs and query which cluster nodes they’re running on, whether they’re finished, encountered an error, etc. Also allows querying job history to see which tasks were executed on a given date, by a given user, etc.
Homepage: http://star.mit.edu/cluster/docs/0.93.3/guides/sge.html
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