swMATH ID: 4385
Software Authors: Verbeek, Eric; van Hattem, Maarte; Reijers, Hajo; de Munk, Wendy
Description: PROTOS is a tool to map processes in graphical way. It support Petrinet modelling, but also covers the information such as data, documents and applications and their relation to proces steps and conditions.PROTOS Activate is a module to generate executable workflows directly from the PROTOS model (including form handling, data-text integration and integration).With the ExSpect-plug-inn, sophistiated simulations can be executed.
Homepage: http://www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/TGI/PetriNets/tools/db/protos.html
Operating Systems: PC, MS Windows 98PC, MS Windows NTPC, MS Windows 2000PC, MS Windows XP
Related Software: ExSpect; YAWL; Woflan; Design/CPN; CPN/Tools
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