swMATH ID: 43905
Software Authors: Brown, Chad E.; Kaliszyk, Cezary
Description: Lash 1.0 (system description). Lash is a higher-order automated theorem prover created as a fork of the theorem prover Satallax. The basic underlying calculus of Satallax is a ground tableau calculus whose rules only use shallow information about the terms and formulas taking part in the rule. Lash uses new, efficient C representations of vital structures and operations. Most importantly, Lash uses a C representation of (normal) terms with perfect sharing along with a C implementation of normalizing substitutions. We describe the ways in which Lash differs from Satallax and the performance improvement of Lash over Satallax when used with analogous flag settings. With a 10 s timeout Lash outperforms Satallax on a collection TH0 problems from the TPTP. We conclude with ideas for continuing the development of Lash.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/2205.06640
Keywords: higher-order logic; automated reasoning; TPTP; arXiv_cs.LO
Related Software: TPS; Satallax; TPTP
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Lash 1.0 (system description). Zbl 07628197
Brown, Chad E.; Kaliszyk, Cezary

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