swMATH ID: 44092
Software Authors: Huang, H., Mommens, K., Lebeau, P., Macharis, C.
Description: Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (MAMCA). Do you have to deal with complex projects where several stakeholders are involved? They are discussing about different possible options, but it difficult to find a common ground? With the MAMCA, you can explicitly take their objectives into account and come to a good overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different options. It enables policy makers or project developers to get an insight of what is at stake and see if there is a support for certain options by many stakeholders and how it could be implemented.
Homepage: https://www.mamca.eu/
Keywords: Multi-Criteria Analysis; Stakeholder approach; Decision making; MAMCA
Related Software: M-MACBETH; MULINO-DSS
Cited in: 5 Publications
Further Publications: https://www.mamca.eu/references/

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