swMATH ID: 4437
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Description: The following x86-linux executables are available for non-commercial use only. siege takes one or two arguments, (first) the filename of a DIMACS-format CNF, and optionally (second) a seed for the random number generator. For example, ”siege_v4 7pipe.cnf 666”. If a seed is not given, the system time is used. Certificates, etc., are appended to a file, ”siege.results”.
Homepage: http://www.cs.sfu.ca/research/groups/CL/software/siege/
Keywords: SAT solver
Related Software: Chaff; BerkMin; MiniSat; SATO; PicoSAT; Walksat; UCLID; Glucose; Lingeling; Graphplan; ASSAT; RSat; CryptoMiniSat; PrecoSAT; Plingeling; HaifaSat; Sat4j; PSATO; ManySAT; clasp
Cited in: 34 Publications

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