swMATH ID: 44665
Software Authors: Chen, Qiao; Jiao, Xiangmin
Description: HIFIR: hybrid incomplete factorization with iterative refinement for preconditioning ill-conditioned and singular systems. We introduce a software package called HIFIR for preconditioning sparse, unsymmetric, ill-conditioned, and potentially singular systems. HIFIR computes a hybrid incomplete factorization, which combines multilevel incomplete LU factorization with a truncated, rank-revealing QR factorization on the final Schur complement. This novel hybridization is based on the new theory of approximate generalized inverse and ϵ-accuracy. It enables near-optimal preconditioners for consistent systems and enables flexible GMRES to solve inconsistent systems when coupled with iterative refinement. In this paper, we focus on some practical algorithmic and software issues of HIFIR. In particular, we introduce a new inverse-based rook pivoting into ILU, which improves the robustness and the overall efficiency for some ill-conditioned systems by significantly reducing the size of the final Schur complement for some systems. We also describe the software design of HIFIR in terms of its efficient data structures for supporting rook pivoting in a multilevel setting, its template-based generic programming interfaces for mixed-precision real and complex values in C++, and its user-friendly high-level interfaces in MATLAB and Python. We demonstrate the effectiveness of HIFIR for ill-conditioned or singular systems arising from several applications, including the Helmholtz equation, linear elasticity, stationary incompressible Navier–Stokes equations, and time-dependent advection-diffusion equation.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/2106.09877#
Source Code:  https://github.com/hifirworks/hifir
Keywords: preconditioning; hybrid incomplete factorization; multilevel ILU factorization; rank-revealing factorization; singular systems; approximate generalized inverse; iterative refinement
Related Software: Trilinos; Eigen; SparseMatrix; WSMP; HILUCSI; Find; ILUPACK; Matlab; Python; Cython; LSMR; FEniCS; MUMPS; PETSc; hypre; Gmsh; AMD
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