swMATH ID: 451
Software Authors: Baglama, J.; Calvetti, D.; Reichel, L
Description: Algorithm 827: irbleigs: A MATLAB program for computing a few eigenpairs of a large sparse Hermitian matrix. irbleigs is a MATLAB program for computing a few eigenvalues and associated eigenvectors of a sparse Hermitian matrix of large order n. The matrix is accessed only through the evaluation of matrix-vector products. Working space of only a few n-vectors is required. The program implements a restarted block-Lanczos method. Judicious choices of acceleration polynomials make it possible to compute approximations of a few of the largest eigenvalues, a few of the smallest eigenvalues, or a few eigenvalues in the vicinity of a user-specified point on the real axis. irbleigs also can be applied to certain large generalized eigenproblems as well as to the computation of a few nearby singular values and associated right and left singular vectors of a large general matrix.
Homepage: http://www.math.uri.edu/~jbaglama/
Dependencies: Matlab
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