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Software Authors: Tapio Schneider; Arnold Neumaier
Description: ARfit is a collection of Matlab modules for modeling and analyzing multivariate time series with autoregressive (AR) models. ARfit contains modules to given time series data, for analyzing eigen modes of a fitted model, and for simulating AR processes. ARfit estimates the parameters of AR models from given time series data with a stepwise least squares algorithm that is computationally efficient, in particular when the data are high-dimensional. ARfit modules construct approximate confidence intervals for the estimated parameters and compute statistics with which the adequacy of a fitted model can be assessed. Dynamical characteristics of the modeled time series can be examined by means of a decomposition of a fitted AR model into eigenmodes and associated oscillation periods, damping times, and excitations. The ARfit module that performs the eigendecomposition of a fitted model also constructs approximate confidence intervals for the eigenmodes and their oscillation periods and damping times.
Homepage: http://climate-dynamics.org/software/#arfit
Programming Languages: Matlab
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Matlab; multivariate time series; autoregressive models; statistics
Related Software: FastICA; Matlab; mctoolbox; ICALAB; itsmr; glinternet; bootstrap; TETRAD; LMOMENTS; extRemes; ismev; MSLiP; sapa; Octave; EEGLAB; Flury
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