Algorithm 786

swMATH ID: 4671
Software Authors: Smith, David M.
Description: Algorithm 786: Multiple-precision complex arithmetic and functions. This article describes a collection of Fortran routines for multiple-precision complex arithmetic and elementary functions. The packing provides good exception handling, flexible input and output, trace features, and results that are almost always correctly rounded. For best efficiency on different machines, the user can change the arithmetic type used to represent the multiple-precision numbers.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=293686.293687
Programming Languages: Fortran
Keywords: elementary function approximation; algorithm analysis; efficiency; performance; accuracy; complex arithmetic; floating point; function evaluation; mathematical library; multiple precision; portable software
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Algorithm 786: Multiple-precision complex arithmetic and functions. Zbl 0934.65023
Smith, David M.

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