swMATH ID: 4681
Software Authors: Kearfott, R.Baker
Description: Algorithm 763: INTERVAL - ARITHMETIC: A Fortran 90 module for an interval data type Interval arithmetic is useful in automatically verified computations, that is, in computations in which the algorithm itself rigorously proves that the answer must lie within certain bounds. In addition to rigor, interval arithmetic also provides a simple and sometimes sharp method of bounding ranges of functions for global optimization and other tasks. Convenient use of interval arithmetic requires an interval data type in the programming language. Although various packages supply such a data type, previous ones are machine specific, obsolete, and unsupported, for languages other than Fortran, or commercial. The Fortran 90 module INTERVAL - ARITHMETIC provides a portable interval data type in Fortran 90. This data type is based on two double-precision real Fortran storage units. Module INTERVAL - ARITHMETIC uses the Fortran 77 library INTLIB (ACM TOMS Algorithm 737) as a supporting library. The module has been employed extensively in the author’s own research
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=235815.235816
Programming Languages: Fortran 90
Keywords: interval arithmetic; Fortran 90 module \( ext {INTERVAL}sb - ext {ARITHMETIC}\); computer arithmetic; error analysis; operator overloading; portability; automatically verified computations
Related Software: INTLIB; INTOPT_90; GSL; EISPACK; Matlab; LAPACK; GlobSol; Python; Algorithm 719; Algorithm 818; Algorithm 694; Algorithm 722; knitr; RStudio; Algorithm 695; Hadoop; Rcpp; PVM; LINPACK; PSBLAS
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